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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The privacy policy and terms of use of the website of MLS & Associates (now MLS), informs users of the following measures so that they can decide freely whether they wish to provide personal data that they can be apply through the use of different services we offer, taking into account that these data will be strictly necessary to provide the service you have selected.

MLS does not use techniques of "Spamming" and only process the data you transmit through electronic forms qualified in this website or emails.

Intellectual Property

MLS owns the domain name and in its entirety, including its design, structure, distribution, response to queries made by users, text, content, logos, buttons, images, drawings , source code and all rights of intellectual property and any other distinguishing marks belong to MLS or, where applicable, persons or companies listed as authors or right holders.Reproduction or total or partial, by any means, the contents of the MLS website for purposes other than the legitimate information or hiring by the users of the services offered.

Newsletter has the option to allow the user to register and withdraw from our newsletter service will send you news, articles, links and more important information on our website.

Only, we will send commercial communications about our services electronically if requested and give the user consent.

Responsibility for MLS & Associates

MLS is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by an event of force majeure, such as: error in communication lines, defects in the hardware and software users, network failures (Internet connection in the pages). There is no guarantee that the website will work constantly, reliably and accurately, without delays or interruptions.

MLS reserves the right to amend this privacy policy and terms of use in order to adapt to possible changes in legislation, as well as arising from the codes existing in or for strategic or corporate. All this without prejudice to the necessary consent of those affected to make the required treatments, when it was not considered granted under the terms of this privacy policy. aims principally to ensure privacy and confidentiality of personal data of users, collected through any system that allows data transmission.


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